Interested in building amazing software systems powering ML and AI?

PolyMage’s engineers learn new state-of-the-art technologies that are in their early stages and with virtually infinite room for innovative research, design, and engineering! A flyer is available here.

We look for talented engineers with strong computer science systems and programming skills. Prior compiler engineering experience (two years or more) and familiarity with at least one or more of the following fields are highly desirable: LLVM/MLIR, high-performance computing, and ML/AI programming frameworks. Most of the work done at PolyMage Labs is highly specialized — we thus believe that our engineers will, in most cases, learn additional advanced skills after they are on board with us.

PolyMage Labs offers exciting opportunities to make a big impact on an emerging field!

PolyMage Labs is located in the pleasant city of Bengaluru (sometimes called Bangalore) and in arguably the most beautiful area of Bengaluru: the IISc campus.

All PolyMage employees are provided access to excellent health insurance at no cost, receive an adequate amount of leave, and have ample flexibility to work partly from home the way it is productive for them. They also enjoy off-site retreats from time to time.

We are looking for both regular employees and interns.

Please email if you are interested.

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